Coinbase Platform Review

Coinbase Platform Review
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  • What are the Fees & Charges?
  • Can you Deposit/Withdraw?
  • What are the Pros & Cons?
  • What Countries are Supported?
  • How to start?



About Coinbase Exchange


Coinbase was founded in 2012 and its headquarters are in San Francisco California. The CEO is Brian Armstrong. This exchange broker BTC, BTH, LTC & ETH with fiat money. Coinbase currently brokers at 32 different countries worldwide. Besides being an exchange, Coinbase is known for being a very safe digital wallet in 190 countries across the globe and one of the world’s largest Bitcoin broker. Coinbase currently has 10 Million active users.


What are the Fees & Charges?



Coinbase exchange is supported in 32 countries. Deposit of fiat/ crypto is free of charge, Coinbase will charge %1.49 per purchase. Fees and funds availability varies between supported countries, as appears in the table below:



Coinbase Platform Pros & Cons?

Pros: Coinbase has relatively high buying limits, it’s very easy for new buyers to buy BTC and other Cryotpo’s. Another big advantage is that buyers can purchase different Cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card. Coinbase is considered to be very secure and has a high amount of safety tools to protect traders from theft and scams.

Cons: Coinbase traders don’t have full control over their crypto assets as the digital coins reside on Coinbase’s servers and not really in the user’s personal crypto wallet, in their PC/ Mobile. Finally, it’s important to take in consideration that Coinbase tracks how users are trading and spending their bitcoins.


What Countries are Supported?


Currently, according to Coinbase, you can trade fiat currency to altcoins, buy and sell across the exchange in the following countries: USA, Australia (Buys only), Singapore, Canada (buys only), the UK.

Coinbase supported countries across Europe:


Austria Finland Portugal
Belgium Greece San Marino
Bulgaria Hungary Slovakia
Croatia Ireland Slovenia
Cyprus Italy Spain
The Czech Republic Latvia Sweden
Denmark Liechtenstein Switzerland
Poland Malta Monaco
Norway Netherlands


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What if my country is not on this list?

Coinbase still allows you to perform many of its key features. You can still send and receive digital currency and you can still store your funds in a secure way and use the 2-step authentication to prevent thefts and scams.

*Canada and Australia are currently supported for buys only. We are working to add the ability to sell digital currency for these countries as soon as possible.

How to start?

It’s very simple to start trading with Coinbase, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up with Coinbase: fill out the necessary details, verify your email address and make sure to use the 2-step authentication for an additional layer of safety.


  1. Connect your bank account or credit card
  2. You can now:
  • Buy and sell different crypto coins via the supported payment methods
  • Send Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin to others and request them from others.
  • See your balance on the different accounts
  • Use the Coinbase vault
  • Refer friends and family to use Coinbase and earn funds for referring them.


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