Changelly Platform Review

Changelly Platform Review


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Changelly Exchange Review


The company was founded back in 2013 by a team from MinerGate, one of the most prominent crypto mining pools, Changelly has been operating since 2015 and out of the Czech Republic as an instant cryptocurrency exchange. Changelly’s robot is integrated into the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, such as Bittrex, Coinbase, and others. In the span of milliseconds, the robot makes bids on the trading platforms, selects the best available rates and displays it on Changelly’s site. Changelly offers a very fast and safe way to buy and exchange a large variety of cryptocurrency (over 90 coins), as well as using fiat money including USD and Euro.

What are the Fees & Charges?

Due to the high volatility of the market, Changelly does not fix the currency rate but rather allow the final rate to slightly fluctuate at the end of the transaction according to the market price (for better or worst). However, Changelly charges a very competitive exchange fee of 0.5% for each trade, though to this fee is added also a networking fee which is the commission that the blockchain charges from the amount sent in the transaction. The “networking fee” might make the fees a bit unclear and at a very wide range but to their defense, it can be said that the fees are stated clearly on the side of the transaction.


Changelly Pros & Cons:


  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange
  • Wide range of coins
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Accepted worldwide


  • Fees may be higher than other exchanges
  • No online wallet


What Countries are Supported in Changelly?


Changelly accepts users from any country worldwide. There is some limitation on first several transactions as follows:

  • USA, Canada, and Australia – For the first transaction, a $50 limit is placed. The next purchase is possible after 4 days and with a limit of $100, after a full week (7 days from the first purchase) users are allowed to purchase a maximum of $500 with no more than 3 payments within the first week. After a month of the first transaction, there are no limits on how much you are able to purchase using your credit card.
  • Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia – For the first transaction, a limit of $200 is placed. After 24hrs another transaction may be done. The total limit for the first week is $2,000 and for the first month is a total of $10,000.
  • EU and the rest of the world – $100 limit is placed on the first transaction. The next purchase can be made after 4 days with a $200 limit. After seven full days of the first transaction, the limit is raised to $500 with no more than 6 transactions within the first week. No monthly limitation.


How to get started?


  1. You could either start with setting in an amount and currency you wish to exchange or go on to the second part which is creating an account (log in).
  2. Create an account using your email address and approve.
  3. Check the amount you wish to exchange and the currency, you may see also to the right the statement of the fees you will be charged (screenshot below).


  1. Proceed to the next step and add in your (or your recipient’s) wallet address.
  2. After the transaction is created you may see the QR code and wallet address of the transaction. (transaction should take up to 30 minutes). And all transactions are tracked recorded in your transaction history. Good luck!


Main coins you may find on the Changelly exchange:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Zcash
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Bytecoin
  • Dashcoin
  • NuBits
  • Monero
  • Radium
  • MaidSafeCoin
  • NEM
  • Factom
  • Synero
  • Ethereum Classic
  • QuazarCoin
  • Fantomcoin
  • Steem
  • Stratis
  • Ardor
  • Navcoin
  • Tether
  • Golem
  • EOS
  • Expanse
  • Verge
  • GameCredits
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • DigiByte
  • Power Ledger
  • Syscoin
  • Lisk
  • Gulden
  • Next
  • PotCoin
  • DigitalNote
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